Tree & Plant Installation

Have the itch for a beautiful garden but don’t necessarily have a green thumb? No problem! We’ve got an experienced team with plenty of green thumbs to go around. Homeowners and business-owners have relied on us here at Bonza Landscaping & Hardscaping to bring beauty to their gardens by way of trees, brushes, and plants.

And if you want to have beautiful trees and plants on your landscape but don’t know the best placement, leave it to us. We’ll meet with you and evaluate your property in order to find the best location for placement. And don’t worry: We’ll educate you on the reasoning behind any decisions we make. After all, we love passing on our knowledge of landscaping to you, the customer, because we want you involved every step of the way – well, almost every step!

We also go above and beyond when it comes to managing these trees and plants once they’re installed. We can perform routine maintenance while checking for plant disease and staying on top of spreads of insects that may damage parts of your landscape.

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Tree & Plant Installation