It may not be the first thing on a homeowner’s mind when it comes to hardscaping projects, but the importance of a well-designed walkway can not be overstated!

Think about it: The first thing visitors to your home really interact with is the walkway to your front door. People will instantly get a feeling about you and your home just from this experience alone. Is your walkway just a barely-there path of arbitrarily placed stones? This can be confusing and even a bit disorienting for visitors.

Or do you have a walkway that’s seen its share of better days? This can send the wrong message to visitors. It almost says, “We don’t really mind how our home looks!” and we’re sure that’s far from the truth.

When you choose us here at Bonza Landscaping, you’re not only getting well-experienced hardscapers, but you’re getting a team with an artistic vision. We brainstorm with you on coming up with the best walkway design possible with great materials, including:

  • Brick
  • Cobblestone
  • Pavers
  • Stone

We’ve got local artists working with us to come up with fresh, original ideas on every project. You won’t get a recycled design with us! Check out our work on Facebook or give us a call at 610-277-2022 for more information