Exterior Lighting

You work hard to make your lawn and home look nice, you’ve invested a lot of your hard-earned money in landscaping and hardscaping, but your yard is dark for 50% of the time. That’s over 180 days each year when no one can see the fruits of your labors – your beautiful lawn and home!

We suggest calling Bonza Landscaping & Hardscaping for the best exterior and landscape lighting design and installation service in Norristown, PA, and beyond! With decades of experience illuminated the yards and homes of your neighbors at night, we can most definitely make a positive impact on the functionality of your yard at night as well as the perception of your home by those around you.

You make be thinking that landscape lighting could make your electric bill skyrocket, but that simply isn’t the case anymore. We have low-energy, low-cost LED lights in many styles as well as some options that even run on solar power. By lighting up your home at night, you’ll also be deterring criminals from your property, which could in turn save you money on what could be lost from a break-in while you’re away.

When it comes to landscape and exterior lighting, there are all pros and no cons. To get a free estimate, have your questioned answered or get Bonza out to your property to get started today, simply give us a call or shoot us an email. We promise to get back to you within 24 hours!