6 Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas

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November 13, 2014
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January 15, 2015

6 Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas season is in full swing! Have you started decorating your landscape yet? Right now, the middle of December, is the best time to start decorating – you join in on the fun while making your decorations seem fresher than those decorations next door that have been up since Nov. 28th!

There are lots of different strategies when it comes to decorating – some homeowners like to go a little overboard and turn their yard into blockbuster light show, while others prefer a modest candlelight-in-the-window approach. We here at Bonza Landscaping are more fond of a simplified approach to attain elegance and sophistication.

And that means taking simple steps for big results! Check out our ideas below.

1. Forget the twinkle lights

Holiday lighting is probably the first thing on people’s minds when they think Christmas décor. And, while those traditional holiday lights are time-tested and approved, we think holiday lighting has more potential! Consider lining up paper luminaries along your front walkway. This will not only serve as a beautiful guide to your home, but it will also shine lots of light to other décor on your lawn.

2. It’s the little things

The little things go a long way when decorating. Placing a bouquet of winter plants, like pansies, flowering cabbage, fir, cedar, rosemary, and lavender atop a square mailbox gives a merry, seasonal feel to your home. If you have a more traditional mailbox, simply attach a red bow for a modest decoration, or drape ribbon around a pine garland and wrap the garland around the mailbox.

3. Don’t forget the wreath!

Don’t just buy a wreath and call it a day! There are ways to get more mileage out of your wreath. For instance, if you have a double door entry, consider cutting the wreath in two lengthwise with sturdy wire clippers and hang the two up on each door so that they meet in the middle! When you’re dealing with just one wreath, consider getting a custom look by stretching round ones to create an oval shape.

4. Use old lanterns for a festive look

Placing three lanterns together by your entryway will give you an instant rustic-holiday feel. Try placing some on a window sill, or on a platform to keep them at eye level.

5. Dress up bare trees with Moravian stars.

Moravian stars are an underused Christmas decoration but they’re a great source of beauty and very festive. Hang a group of them inside a bare tree and you’ll give new life to your landscape.

Do you need landscape management help before you start decorating? Give Bonza Landscaping a call at 610-277-2022. 

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